WOW! That’s Engineering

Girls can become engineers too! This workshop will provide girls, seventh to tenth grades, with opportunities to do fun hands-on experiments related to several different engineering career fields. They also will be able to find out what different types of engineers do and will meet women engineers who will talk about how they became engineers.

Students attend 5 different hands on lab workshops and meet a variety of different types of women engineers.  See more information on our website at 

Workshop modules offered this year:

Title Description
1A. Goo Busters Become a chemical engineer while formulating your goo in the mad scientist lab.
1B. Sink or Swim Learn about the engineering design process and the physical principles of buoyancy and displacement by working together to build a boat.
1C. Take Flight Become an Aeronautical Engineer, What type of airplane will you design?  Will it go the farthest or do the best tricks?
1D. Special Agent Assignment “Breaker Breaker” Race against the clock like a special agent on assignment using electrical engineering to fix the world’s power grid from the Mischievous Circuit Breaking Villain.
1E. Minute to Win It Test your skills with our 60 second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house
1F. Duct Tape Creations Engineering comes alive with handmade creations that can be transformed from one thing to another all using duct tape while you make wallets and other creations.
1G. CSI Become a Crime Scene Investigator. Learn how to lift and save a finger print with special finger print powder and match it to find the “culprit.” Then create dental or shoe prints for your group and learn how to identify the suspect.
1H. Programming Robots Learn about robots and try your hand at programming a robot to complete an obstacle course.
1I. Tool Time Hands-on learning about the use of different tools and what’s inside small electrical appliances.
1J. Design a Dessert Find out what a design engineer does as you design and construct a dessert.


Volunteers are needed to conduct this program.  Women engineers can sign up to lead a workshop or as hands on helpers.  Other volunteers are also needed to serve as hands on helpers in the classrooms or serve in other support functions.  College students and students in 11th and 12th grades can also volunteer.

Our Introducing Girls to Engineering Program for girls in 3rd to 6th grades will be conducted early next year (tentatively Feb 18).  Information will be emailed when registration opens in early January at