Women’s History

March 10, 2017 sweSC 0

Women Scientists at NASA in January 1959 | NASA “Women scientists gathered in a meeting room at NASA in 1959. At the far left is […]

IGEW Feb 18, 2017

February 19, 2017 sweSC 0

Another overwhelming success. 300 future engineering in grades 3-6. More than 100 volunteers. Thanks to everyone for an amazing day. Introducing Girls to Engineering Workshop […]

outreach, after-school

February 19, 2017 sweSC 0

Girls Explore Engineering with Marble Run Challenge “Whether using foam tubing or an assortment of found and recycled materials (as in the photo above), creating […]

cranes, I spy..

February 19, 2017 sweSC 0

Heavy Lifting | NASA “1. Design and build a crane out of cardboard.2. Figure out ways to reinforce the crane’s arms so they don’t collapse […]

astronauts, surgical engineer

February 19, 2017 sweSC 0

Faculty of Medicine “What made you passionate about surgical engineering? I’m currently finishing up my PhD and hope to defend my thesis soon. The focus […]