motivating high schoolers

Remake LearningĀ 
Making + Learning in Museums & Libraries. Remake Learning is a network of people, projects, and organizations in the greater Pittsburgh region that are empowering children and youth by creating relevant learning opportunity
A Cross Curricular Lesson: Who will feed the World?
“meeting the food needs of an increasing global population. Working in groups students investigate population growth and agricultural production in major world regions
Princeton Students Use YouTube to Motivate High Schoolers
The six-video series features interviews with STEM majors from Princeton University, each with a different background and a variety of interests, and asks them to provide insight
JPL | Infographics
Great collection of NASA JPL infographics. Exploration and Collaboration: The JPL/Caltech Connection. Mars rover Curiosity. Solar power explorers. showing aspects of space and the missions
What’s New – Girl Scouts
More scouting in the STEM gameThe Girl Scouts, too, rolled out new activities meant to illustrate the fun and substance of STEM topics. Twenty-three new badges are available
Unity – Game Engine
“Unity 2017.1 introduces new tools that help artists & designers tell better visual stories, new ways for teams to collaborate more productively, and more features than ever
STEM Activities and Standards – zSpace
“Prepare to bring your students to the zSpace learning lab using the resources below. The videos about how to use zSpace are perfect to show your students before their first zSpace visit.