“Women in Engineering Division (WIED) of the American Society for Engineering Education is to study, promote and improve the role of women in the professions of engineering and engineering
Engineering Department | Hope College
“program supports these needs by offering each engineering student the opportunity to acquire a broad yet individualized technical and liberal education. “
STEM Self Efficacy – Precollege Engineering Education
Short-term successes and failures are the stepping-stones to achieving long term goals. “five tips to build self-efficacy: Break down the task: Smaller tasks are easier to tackle
Engineer for people – Precollege Engineering Education
“Inviting students to engineer solutions with particular people in mind can tap into their existing knowledge and experiences and spur rich engineering discussions in your class.
Hidden Figures – Black Girls in STEM / NAGB
how factors inside and outside of school can impact the achievement of black 8th-grade girls in some key subjects. Using recent NAEP results for science, technology and engineering literacy
“Join high school-aged girls from around the world as they try to better their community through technology and collaboration in this thrilling, heartfelt documentary.
About – Technovation
“Technovation offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders. Every year we invite girls to identify a problem