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LinkEngineering – What is Engineering?
“Engineering is the process of designing the human-made world. It is the systematic application of knowledge and experience to solve problems and protect and improve lives. Engineering helped.
Accelerate biomedical research from the comfort of your couch at SciStarter Blog
“No scalpel required! Learn how to identify images of clogged blood vessels to accelerate Alzheimer’s research or trace 3D images of neurons to shed light on how these structures influence
Nutrition and Diet: Food Science Experiments | Does it work?, Side Effects & Ingredients
“Food experiments are easily conducted in your kitchen, often using materials you already have on hand. Participating in a science fair is a great way to learn about nutrition.
Nutrition science projects & experiments – learn about food & health
“Do different varieties of the same fruit have the same level of vitamin C? What about different brands of orange juice? Or fresh juice compared to juice from frozen concentrate?
“exciting world of doing nutrition research in space—Understanding Space Flight, Doing Nutrition Research in Space, and Space Flight Nutrition. We hope that this book will engage
Electric Cornstarch – The Lab
“Electric Cornstarch Static electricity and non-Newtonian fluids combine for an amazing hands-on science project You can do some pretty amazing things with non-Newtonian fluids