Women’s History

Women Scientists at NASA in January 1959 | NASA
“Women scientists gathered in a meeting room at NASA in 1959. At the far left is Lucille Coltrane. Lucille was a computer at Langley Research Center. Next to Lucille is Jean Clark Keating
10 Women From History Whose Footprints Will Astound You!
“We present to you 10 women from history whose Footprints will continue to inspire our world for generations to come. “
Super Women of our Past! #WomensHistoryMonth – YouTube
” During my almost eight years as Treasurer of the United States, I had the privilege of leading the efforts to place a woman on the front of our U.S. notes for the first time in our nation’
Celebrate International Women’s Day – YouTube
Celebrate Women’s History Month! – YouTube
Who Was Marie Curie? | Wonderopolis
“In 1891, the woman the world would come to know as Marie Curie made her way to Paris, where she enrolled at the Sorbonne. Over the next few years, she completed advanced degrees in physics
Forgotten women in tech history.