Like A Girl

FIRST LikeaGirl | Exploding Bacon, FIRST Robotics, Team 1902
“FIRST Like A Girl is FRC Team 1902 Exploding Bacon’s effort to encourage girls to pursue STEM activities and become a part of the FIRST community! 17 New Videos “
Solutions – Engineers Without Borders USA
“The geographic, cultural and political fabric of each community we partner with is unique, which is why the engineering solutions are unique, too. We consider each of these variables
Engineering Solutions to Development Needs — Start Engineering
“What people live without First, take away reliable sanitation systems. Then, remove durable shelter. Finally, subtract electricity. Think people living under these conditions would feel alone
Resources to Celebrate Women’s History Month – Teacher Reboot Camp
“Highlighting these great pioneers helps our girls have heroines to look up to and gather strength from their stories. This is especially important, because research shows low percentages
16. Career Prep
“This Thing includes six Quests. You will begin by exploring your personality, skills, and interests. Next, you will explore careers that fit your profile, create employability documents
“Ladies, Just Try The Damn Box Jumps! Please.”… A Powerful Metaphor About Endeavoring In Life
“as women, we are by nature gatherers, community-builders, and supporters. So, let’s use this natural instinct to lift each other up. Right now, today. Next time you see a woman holding back
“Junior Knights is a free program offered to middle and high school students that introduces computer programming to those who don’t have courses at their own high school