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Girls Explore Engineering with Marble Run Challenge
“Whether using foam tubing or an assortment of found and recycled materials (as in the photo above), creating a marble run or marble roller coaster is great hands-on engineering for students
Girls at After-school Program Science Event Explore Paper Airplanes
“Folding paper airplanes is a great way for students to experiment with core concepts like lift, drag, and thrust. The following science Project Ideas bundle hands-on aerodynamics exploration
“Research suggests that information about the usefulness of engineering to everyday human concerns and hands-on experiences with science, math, and technology may help girls develop an interest
How to turn a teen into an engineer (study) | VentureBeat | Dev | by J. O’Dell
“girls are harder to persuade than boys because even after the messaging, only 35 percent of girls will consider engineering. After messaging, 60 percent of boys will consider it.” However,…
Engineering Solutions to Development Needs — Start Engineering
“more than 15 years later, Engineers Without Borders chapters, both on campuses and in the engineering profession at large, have carried out almost 700 projects in 42 countries. Zeroing in on…
A List of Powerful Questions for Students Choosing Career Paths
“the importance of asking good questions: “The answer always lies within us–it just takes some time to excavate. Asking questions is a great way to be more objective about your situation