cranes, I spy..

Heavy Lifting | NASA
“1. Design and build a crane out of cardboard.2. Figure out ways to reinforce the crane’s arms so they don’t collapse under a heavy load.3. Build a crank handle.
eGFI – For Teachers » Web Resources
“Every day, millions of ordinary people young and old help advance knowledge in fields as diverse as astronomy and zoology. These “citizen” scientists and engineers record bird sightings
A Mighty Girl – Timeline
“At the MakeMIT hackathon, six young women invented a device with the potential to revolutionize day-to-day life for people with visual impairments in just 15 hours!
Dream Big: Engineering Our World – A Heartfelt Story of Human Ingenuity In IMAX® and Giant Screen Theatres February 2017
Engineering is not just about math and science, but also creativity and compassion, as this film so beautifully reveals.
Engineers Week Contest: Let’s Play “I Spy!” – Engineers Without Borders USA
“From February 20-24, we invite you to join us in a thought-provoking game of “I spy something engineered” to celebrate the remarkable engineering feats that surround us.
NoiseTube on SciStarter
“Help monitor noise pollution wherever you live.Task Measure & map your daily noise exposure with a mobile app.Where Global, anywhere on the planet