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Astronauts4Hire: About
“recruit and train qualified scientists and engineers for the rigors of spaceflight. Commonly referred to as “Astronauts4Hire” or just “A4H,” the organization conducts a range
Raytheon: Women cracking the code – National cybersecurity contest helps to battle industry gender gap
“That’s the kind of warm welcome that female hackers get these days as the cybersecurity industry strives to become more diverse.
Connecting Engineering Career Fields with Science and Engineering | CK-12 Foundation
the nature of a variety of engineering disciplines: the background, engineering activities, and what is designed and built by engineers in the discipline.
Midas starts Somerset nuclear school
“The NCfN will develop the UK’s nuclear curriculum, designing new qualifications and training courses that are attractive to learners and meet specific industry needs, it is envisaged that
A List of Powerful Questions for Students Choosing Career Paths
“the importance of asking good questions: “The answer always lies within us–it just takes some time to excavate. Asking questions is a great way to be more objective about your situation
What Engineers Do | DiscoverE Engineering
“The engineers below do it all: design, invent, fix, improve, research, travel, present, inspect, draw, write, calculate—but most of all, they work with really interesting people
Engineering Careers | DiscoverE Engineering
“Engineering Is a Versatile Career There is perhaps no other career that spans so many areas—healthcare, agriculture, entertainment, business, and more. Check out the many and varied ways