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Faculty of Medicine
“What made you passionate about surgical engineering? I’m currently finishing up my PhD and hope to defend my thesis soon. The focus of my PhD is on making surgery safer.
Biography of Roberta Lynn Bondar – Canadian Space Agency
First Canadian women in space – “She is conducting research into blood flow in the brain during microgravity, lower body negative pressure and various pathological states.
Astronaut Julie Payette on the Toronto Science Festival
“Today, ours is a scientific and technological society, so having knowledge of science and technology is as fundamental as knowing how to read, write and count.
Astronaut candidate’s profile – Canadian Space Agency
“he privilege of being a marine geophysicist is that I get to be a modern-day explorer. Through the tools I have helped develop, I have been able to increase our knowledge
Astronaut candidate’s profile – Canadian Space Agency
“I am an ambassador for space and have undertaken an awareness campaign to better inform people about what space is bringing us. As an astronaut, I could reach the public