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Explainer: How batteries and capacitors differ | Science News for Students
“When it comes to circuits and electronic devices, energy is typically stored in one of two places. The first, a battery, stores energy in chemicals. Capacitors are a less common
Popup Card Studio™ – Home
“Create popup cards and origamic architecture (otherwise known as Kirigami) in no time. With Popup Card Studio™ you will be able to create and edit in three dimensions
Pepakura Designer Product Information
“Pepakura Designer is a Windows application which makes unfolded patterns from 3D data. Pepakura Designer features to automatically unfold 3D polygon-mesh models, and allow you to edit them.
Pentomino – Wikipedia
“a polygon in the plane made of 5 equal-sized squares connected edge-to-edge. When rotations and reflections are not considered to be distinct shapes
Compound eyes for industry and smartphone — ScienceDaily
“Just as the insects’ eyes, the Fraunhofer technology is composed of many small, uniform lenses. They are positioned close together, similar to the pieces of a mosaic.
Blood-repellent materials: A new approach to medical implants: Engineers have grown ‘superhemophobic’ titanium surfaces that could form the basis for biocompatible medical devices
“Medical implants like stents, catheters and tubing introduce risk for blood clotting and infection — a perpetual problem for many patients. Engineers now offer a potential solution
Why shouldn’t fish get to enjoy the sights, too? | MNN – Mother Nature Network
“Using a few leg stands and a glass tank, one man constructed what he called a “panorama suite” for his fish. After placing the structure in his pond, the man filled it with water
Strength of hair inspires new materials for body armor — ScienceDaily
“In a new study, researchers are investigating why hair is incredibly strong and resistant to breaking. The findings could lead to the development of new materials for body armor
Educational Games Online :: Plan It Green Live Video
“Plan It Green Live is the ultimate in online educational video games. Make your own unique city. Manage the cities infrastructure and make improvements to create a sustainable and happy place
| DiscoverE Engineering
“Design a Shoe Teams consider properties of materials as well as human anatomy as they design and create a pair of shoes that is stylish and holds up when worn around an obstacle course.”